End of the Museum - 12 Stations

The twelve works, displayed in eight locations in Kobe, are collectively known as 12 Stations. As you make your way to each of the stations, you will become a wayfarer in the world of Gregor Schneider. A wealth of works that cannot be contained inside the traditional white cube of the museum await you there.

1st station Kobe
1st & 2nd Station: Duo Dome
《Dying and the Extension of Life》

3rd station Kobe
3rd Station: Former Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Public Health & Consumer Sciences
《Vanished Reality》

4th station Kobe
4th Station: METRO KOBE

5th station Kobe
5th Station: Kobe Art Village Center KAVC Hall (2F)
《The Self-consuming Production》

6th station Kobe
6th Station: Private House 1
《The Self-consuming Action Deprivation》

7th station Kobe
7th Station: Private House 2

8th station Kobe
8th Station: Kobe Municipal Hyogo Hostel
《The Dark Side of the Dwelling》

9th station Kobe
9th Station: Kaigan Line of the Kobe Municipal Subway, Komagabayashi StationConcourse
《White Torture》

10th & 11th station Kobe
10th & 11th Station: Noa Building
《Left Empty》

12th station Kobe
12th Station: Marugo Ichiba Market
《Dying and the Extension of Life》